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The News Archive
Here at the News Archive you will find old news News Starts March 10,2001. As you can see Aqua-Zone is updated often. The further the date from March 10,2001 the further down it will be.

March 13th,2001:The Aqua Zone has shut down for upgrades/furthur developmant come back March 30th the changes will be done allready! C ya soon!

March 10th,2001:Welcome to March which means by then end of it many parts of the USA will be super soaker war ready! Also i got a CPS 1-3-5 check out the review here CPS 1-3-5

March 30th 2001:WELCOME! The Aqua Zone 2.7 is here! the change of the style is much nicer and makes the site more Techy looking. Guess what over 60 typos have been eliminated also! The Interactive section is now the home of the guestbook a Poll and a Bravenet Tell-A-Friend. All full reviews now have a star stating that it's a full review. Also I picked up a 2001 Monster. Also I put the sniping section up. This is one of the first changes The Aqua Zone will be undergoing during the 2001 season. The new Aquatica bar has been added, and a link to the IE home site is below

APRIL 3 2001:Someone submitted a Monster XL review, I thank you very much, and a link to Hydrolosyis has been added

April 5th 2001:Had a Water Fight! All the way up to 67 today.

April 15th,2001:Happy Easter from your friend at The Aqua Zone!

April 19th,2001:Some important News Today, I am going to begin reworking all my reviews. There are lots of typos and in many places they are fragmented. I will also try to add stats. No promises I have tons of school work to do (ever notice teachers like to give you a ton of stuff towards the end of the year.) Also the News Archive is actually working, after months of promises I finally made one. In other news Super Soaker Atlantica (run by Sapper) was kicked out of the web ring and Yahoo! club partially because of me. He wants 50 Guest Book signatures to get back into the Web-Ring (fat chance) The founders have not agreed to it, and I doubt it will work. Sapper if your reading this (probably are)I wish you the best of luck trying to get back in. Maybe you could merge with Hydrolosyis you guys have alot in commen. Thats enough ranting and raving for today.

April 20th,2001: I actually did something on my Easter vacation today besides sleeping late, I did the stats on some of my soakers! Heres the one I got WHICH ARE NOT IN METRICS! Yes don't fear America the evil times of converting metrics is over! I did thr Splashzooka,Monster 2001,SC-600,XP-240, and the XP-270. On a side note for the range tests what I do I measure it from where the main stream lands not how far those little fragments go.

April 27,2001: CONTEST! Nope no prize but, if anyone finds it they are pretty good or just really bored. Rember the old style the Aqua Zone had? (see History/Background)If you can find the page I never changed E-Mail me at: this excuse for a contest in ends Monday.PM I finally got a 310 excpect review soon!

April 29,2001:Today to my amazement I wasted $54.69 on the MONSTER XL thats right I got a Monster XL its huge! Expect review later on this week, same for the XP-310. They are both very special guns and they deserve good reviews so stay tuned. Also thanks to Rob Mercer(or Reaper) I made a slight correction in sniping.

May 8th,2001: Sorry I have been gone, but there has been alot of complications on my side. School has turned into a nightmare from hell, and my keyboard is broken. For the next 2 weeks or so don't expect to here much from me.

May 11th,2001:Some new developments, finally I got my scanner to be a good scanner and scan.Pictures of the Splashzooka,XP-220, XP-270,SC-400, and XP-150 are up,expect more soon!

May 18th,2001:TheXP-310review is up! Still working on the MonsterXL though.

May 26th,2001:The Monster XL review has been finished my longest review ever. As for the long term future of The Aqua Zone, this summer there will be some major changes in every way thought possible. GENERATION 2 HAS BEGUN

May 27th,2001:A much need renovation has begun, the Technolgy section is getting a major facelift, finally converting it to the standard pull down stlye.

June 3rd,2001:Happy June everyone! Links Page has been updated with a link to AQUAFIRE added and SuperSoaker Atlantica's removed. Sapper continues to annoy me like things by flooding MY Message Board with posts about his site, and Sapper wanna know why you have so many hits? 7000 yea right you fricken idiot your counter is posted 4 damn times thats why you have so many hits try only having one, now on a more serious note Aqua-Zone has become a co founder of "AquaFire's fill station" the current name for the super soaker mod club currently invatation only so send me an E-Mail and i'll be happy to let you in. Thats it for now remeber you heard a semi-arrogant guy rant and rave and report some news first at Aqua-Zone! Lets see the Nexus Newswire say what I just said heh, Im really tired while writing this, later guys!

June 7th,2001:OH THE HORROR.... I lost the link from SuperSoaker Atlantica,I could of swore you didn't judge sites by there webmaster, Nexus and Isoaker don't have links, why punish me? and sorry buddy it does affect your counter having it there 3 times, and how didn't you notice, you blind? 7000+ yea right your site sucks. The New Technology page should be up by the end of the week. !

June 8th,2001:PLEASE NOTE! Every gun reviewed on this site is owned or has been owned by me or a close friend, if it's not on my list that means I had it and it broke! Or I've used it alot.Later that DayI finished the Camo Section One more to go! Tactics Coming Soon Im serious this time.

June 10th,2001:The first part of the Tactics Section has been finished, the Training Guide. Expect much more soon.

June 18th,2001:
A sad day in the soaker world indeed, we mourn or celabrate two events. Last night Aquatica Founder Aquatechnology announced that he will retire being founder of Aquatica and he already has he has rejoined as and deleted Aquatechnology. Everyone load up your biggest soaker and fire it off for Aquatechnology. AQUAFIRE was torn down yesterday because HomeStead is now charging for it's services so for now the world is without an Aquafire load up your biggest gun for him too. As for here at Aqua-Zone expect it to remain a little quiet in terms of huge updates, im putting all my effort into the radical V3 G2 version of Aqua-Zone if I had to give a launch est. early 2002.

June 21st,2001: Not really an update today more like a look into the past. Remeber that Flash intro I promised back in March? Only 5 eyes ever saw it. Now after months I have finally released it for public viewing, be warned the load time was very high and there is NO preloader. See it Here Also Ive began work on a logo archive both the intro and the logo archive can be found in the History/Background section.

June 23rd,2001:The Aqua Zone has purchased a CPS-2700,XP Backfire, and a new SS-50(NI). Expect reivews soon and a revised SS-50 review.

June 25th,2001:The aging Links page has finally been revised with new prime sites and dead links removed.

June 27th,2001:The CPS-2700 review has been finished. Also I am aware that people are using my chatroom ANYONE is invited in. Chat schedules will be posted on the marquee at the top of the page and on the Interactive page.

late June ??,2001:Good News for Netscape users! Ive decided to begin work on a semi major site upgrade changing the style and design of AquaZone, if I really feel like doing it I can have it launched in a few weeks! More details soon.

July 5th,2001:A review for the CPS-2500 has been submitted and posted.

July 7th,2001:Another review for the CPS-2500 has been submitted and posted.(note the newest one has been edited for typos and slight content.

July 11th,2001:I foregot to mention that there is a new poll in the Interactive Section. As for the Backfire review that is coming soon as well as some additions to the Tactics section. Also as you can know the Counter changed it seems those complete asses at are now charging for all those cool things they provied so it seems I will have to find a new counter service (Bravenet?)

July 12th,2001:AZ celabrates today over 5000 hits I know but for a super soaker site about to be a year old im quite happy. As for an update the Backfire review is up, let me just tell you now it's not much of a gun but anyway go see for yourself.

July 18th,2001:The world turned upside down. To think I was having a bitter flame war with him a while back. Well anyway Sapper and SuperSoakerAtlantica have been alowed back in the Aquatica. Welcome Back! Here at the Zone I'm happy to announce on the 21st 4 days from now Aqua-Zone will turn 1! I can't help but celabrate early so enjoy the ugly balloons I made. Also im planning to release a major update mid August! Aqua-Zone v2.9 making Netscape problems a thing of the past.

July 21st,2001:HAPPY BIRTHDAY AQUA ZONE! Yes thats right 1 year ago today Aqua-Zone 1.0 was concieved and launched into the world for all to see off its Tripod server. What awonderful present Tripod sent us !POP UP ADS! yes the work of the devil got here after a year of re diricting the main page to avoid them they got me(actually 364 days because the pop ups started yesterday). For AZ 2.9 I will switch it to embedded.

July 28th,2001:After a trip to the Family Dollar Store Aqua-Zone has purchased 2 SuperSoaker 40's and a blue/yellow Super Soaker 100. Expect a AZ review for the 40 soon making AquaZone the second active site to have a SS-40 review! As for adds by end of August add free Aqua-Zone again! AquaZone will be moving to a server called Brinkster the adress will remain same.

July 31st,2001:Another mile stone in AquaZone history 1.5 was launched 1 year ago today making the site well not crude looking the counter started today and, I got accepted into Aquatica Webring. As for news of this year check out the SS-40 review here

August 8th,2001:Welcome to August for most viewers of AquaZone this means that this is our last month of freedom before we go off on our smelly busses to junior high,for me high school,or college. Enjoy your last weeks so get out and soak someone. I dropped in to tell you that if you didn't know there is an interesting poll going on at the Interactive section its about straps personally i wear it around my neck, the poll is very close so go vote today! The Tactics section will also have an update by the end of today.

August 11th,2001:Tactics section updated., with the attacking section completed!

August 16th,2001:Logo Archive(located in History/Background has been completed. On a side note please forgive me not linking from this page to it sometimes my server gets really whacky.

August 17th,2001:Another 1000 hits flew right by now where up to 6000+ id like to thank you all for support. In the Strategy Center the War Stories and Blaster Storage page has been added content has yet to been added though. Also if you have a War Story SUBMIT IT

September 2nd,2001:Oh yeah this site, please excuse my absence of updating this site if you think im done with it and not updating anymore your wrong actually ive been updating every day behin the seens where you can't see me. This is most likely my last update on the current site.

October 11th,2001:Tada! Yes its me finally clearing stuff from August off the board I bring to you news on the new site. No I havent held back the release so it will be even cooler im just plain old lazy. I finished all XP reviews and half the CPS and all main nav pages, besides that no work. One day it will be finished I promise you. Yes we all also must realize this is off season and these days soakers arent on my mind to much but I promise you this site is still going strong and wont fall like other sites!
-=soak or be soaked=- Budgie webmaster of this web site.

2001 Aqua-Zone