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XP Logo By LarmiThe XP-150 model 2

XP-150 (version3)
The XP-150 is the best XP rifle available, and though relatively old in terms of the newer lines it still is awesome.It can probably take out a CPS-1200 user. It has 2 firing chambers which you can actually see how much water is in them without squinting thanks to it's orange chambers. The reservoir is dark purple,and it is a screw on but it does not leak! It also takes one twist to screw on but getting it on for newbies to the gun can have some trouble. It has decent payload for a blaster of it's size you can extend the payload by filling the weapon up loading the chambers and then filling up the reservoir. The 150 has excellent contruction, the only bad feature is probably the screw on reserevoir, which can wear after a year or two of use. A cool feature is that you can see the pump draw the water out of the reservoir thanks to a see through part of the pumping area. Overall an excellent adaptable and survivable blaster that can still be found at many K-Marts for about $14.00 USA
Pros:It takes only about 9 pupms to fill chambers and you can see the amount of water in the firing chambers riot blast capable
Cons:Screw on reservoir can be rather tricky,the new 1999 model has bright colors

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