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CPS-1200 (2000 and 2001 Editions)
The CPS-1200 2000 Model The CPS-1200 2001

The CPS-1200 is the replacement for the CPS-1000 , and is quickly becoming the standard issue. It comes in two colors the 2000 purple and yellow, 2001 silver and purple. After comparing the 1200 and 1000, the 1200 has a better capacity but the CPS-1000 seems to have a better more thicker stream of water. The 1200 doesn't need to many pumps compared to other CPS. It has a nice firm handle for refills also. The 1200 is also light for a CPS and alot of people can probably easily use it without a strap. The CPS-1200's 2000 model is extremely bright get it some camoflauge. The 1200's contruction feels very sturdy, and it seems to have a sturdy pump. Overall this weapon has a nice feel to it and can hold its own in most major confrantations just becarefull of anything above the SC-Power Pak and a well trainedSplashzooka user.

Pros:Nice size,powerful and CPS technology
Cons:Firing chamber can run out fast if one is trigger happy.

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