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    Fighting at night? or maybe the day? in sand? in green fields? Well to maxamize your chances of staying dry you should put on some camoflauge ranging from an ordinary fatigue shirt you can pick up at the store or face paint and army surplus.

    Lights Out: Fighting in the dark: At night it is uslually black outside so many people use a black shirt and pants to blend in with the enviorment. In a urban or Suburban type setting where there are more lights to make the area brighter a lighter color like charcoal or brown will benefit you more. Black face paint may also be used, and if your an advid night fighter painting your soaker of choice a dark or black color with an added flashlight will not only make your soaker stylish and intimadating it will conceal your location. A big bright orange nozzle like found on the CPS-1200 isn't the best thing to have if your trying to stay concealed.

    Daytime Fields, Suburban,and Forest: Your standard best friend in camo is your average fatigue shirt you can find at most clothing stores, is not only cheap but reliable. If your serious feel free to add some green face paint. The even more serious warrior can always head down to the Military Surplus Store and pick up some first class camofluage stuff. Painting your soaker a flat olive drab or tan is also a good idea. Basically if your out for fun just throw on you camo T-Shirt and you'll be set

    Deserts or brownish dry areas: A typical brown shirt will jsut suit you fine and a olive drab painted soaker not much advice to give.

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