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The Aqua Zone Logo(for all your super soaker needs)

Welcome to The Aqua Zone,the site for all your super soaker needs. The Aqua Zone provides a tactical database,A links page that gives you links to other sites..duh,a Technology page on gadgets you can use. So be sure to faviorate and come back soon updates come freequently.ARCHIVED COPY
Welcome to The Aqua Zone the site for all your super soaker needs!,Currently phasing in The Aqua Zone version 2.7 SPRING TRAINING :)

Welcome! You are visitor 2553 to visit The Aqua Zone since July 31, 2000. This site is best viewed at a resolution of 800 by 600 or higher, using Microsoft Internet Explorer. Enjoy My site! Email Me at for any questions or comments.

CPS 17000, A great all purpose super soaker!

The CPS-1700 The best weapon for or sniping or all out fighting the

News and Updates:(see also) The Aqua Zone Info Station

March 13th,2001:The Aqua Zone has shut down for upgrades/furthur developmant come back March 30th the changes will be done allready! C ya soon!

March 10th,2001:Welcome to March which means by then end of it many parts of the USA will be super soaker war ready! Also i got a CPS 1-3-5 check out the review here

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