• Due to the fact that the Netscape problems are not fixable, there are now pop up ads the pages are cluttered and hard to understand and theres to many dead pages, and much of the pages internal workings are over a year old and hard to understand due to the site originally beinf concieved on Site Builder it will be moving to a Brinkster acount

  • There will be no more updates of any pages on this server except for the HomePage which will redirect traffic to the new site

  • The site will be kept online for archival purposes if you wish to view it click on the small link on the bottem of the redirect page.

  • The site and any content on this server is still property of me anyone who takes content this site WILL BE PROSECUTED

  • There is no final date for the sites moving

  • What will this mean for me the visitor?
    Quicker page downloads NS 4.7 and below friendly, easier navagation, cleaner site design, more content.

  • Will any pages on this site not finished yet be finished before the move?

  • Will the name remian as The Aqua Zone
    The sites offical name will change from The AquaZone to just Aqua-Zone

  • Will the adress change?
    NO it will continue to be