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XP Logo By LarmiThe XXP-175

The XXP-175 was a revolutianry concept that was like this, more nozzles more soaking. The XXP-175 is an excellent adition to anyones arsenal. It has 2 reservoirs that are preassurized using preassurized reservoir thechnology. It has ample range and can go on firing at peak power for about 8 seconds it does require alot of pumps but it's worth it. The XXP-175 also sports a reliable preassure gauge. This weapon has a long refill time so carry a backup this weapon is one of the few XP's reccomended to be someones main weapon a seasoned XXP-175 user can take down one using a CPS-1000/1200 user. Overall one of my faviorate weapons the XXP-175 is sturdy, reliabe and trustworthy. Just watch out for CPS-1700 and up.
Pros:good performance, preassure gauge, can take out lower CPS users
Cons:long reloads, preassurized reservoir technology.

Images from AquaNexus via Aquatica