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XP Logo By LarmiThe XP-90

When the XP-90 first came out in 1999 I said cool. Seeing that dumb commercial with sarge running around conserving water with that machine gun type nozzle. So in June I headed down to CVS and bought it. I filled it up and fired my friend was there so I pretended to be happy, it had miserable range and well it sucked! The pulse made a cool sound and made a weird motion and was rather amusing,but besides that it sucks! Another novelty=another bad gun. This weapon is not stealthey cause it's sound will give you away. It still makes a great moral officer though :) It broke during the winter too! It also takes alot of pumps due to its pressurized reservoir.
Pros:ummm...Its cool sound, and the pulse conserves water
Cons:every feature about this gun

Image from via Aquatica