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XP Logo By LarmiThe XP 75

The XP-75 is a first generation XP and is now one of the crappiest blasters around and is still availabe in small quanaties at several KB Toys for $10.99(USA). This weapon has a screw on reservoir which I absoulutely dispise, and it leaks alot. It has no firing chamber. There are only two good things about it 1. The riot-blast which is created by removing the nozzle and firing but it drains the water preassure extremely fast 2. It has a good pump WARNING:Never open the reservoir when fully pumped not only may you drench yourself it may blow upwards injuring your face
Pros:Good pump awesome riot blast
Cons:Flying tank syndrome and screw on reservoir that leaks

Images from,Aqua Nexus,and Isoaker