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  • AZ's SS-40 Review

    The SS-40
    The SuperSoaker 40

    was released in the year 1993 as the side arm soaker of choice back then. For a Classic weapon I was impressed it feels sturdy when compared to the 50 or 100 the pump doens't feel like it will snap and when you screw the tank in it doesn't feel like you will break the gun. This soaker seems to be shroweded in mistory because most sites no nothing about it, well I got 2 sitting in my garage. Where do you get theese dinosaur soakers you ask? I reply the Family Dollar Store go to there site and locate on near you. Reports say they have SS-100's 25's,and 40's. The 40 is $5 dollars. The 40 is powered by preassurized reservoir technology and so that means don't fill the tank up all the way or you will have no room for the air to preassurize it. Like most classics it has good reservoir capacity because of its small nozzle. Like all other classics I have used when fully pumped it delivers about a second of a somewhat powerful stinging blast then followed by the standars shot that lacks power but has decent range. The SS-40's range compares to its modern day descendant the XP-240 but the 240 could most likely out soak the 40. Overall can stand up the XP-220 and below a collecters weapon that belongs on a mantle more then the battlefield. Ofcourse if you ever do need a decent back up the SS-40 could probably perform the role.

    Pros:good shot time, sturdy for classic
    Cons:lacks good power, small nozzle, preassurized reservoir technology

    Image from Hydro World