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  • AZ's XP-150 Review
    ">Type:Assault Rifle
    Status:Limited Availablity
    Nozzle:est. 2x
    Usage:Main weapon/heavy back up
    Price: $14.99 USA
    Weight:5 pounds full

    Basic Overview
    The XP-150 is a first generation XP Assault Rifle. Many people including I think this is the best XP weapon ever. When Compared to its modern day equivlents it has many strenthgs when compared to the XP-310 it pumps much faster and shoots further the XP-310 stays at full power longer. If your lucky you can still pick up one of these puppies at a K-Mart. The current one available is model 3. The original colored one was released in 2 versions and the newer one dubbed XP-150"Classic" by some, has new colors and is still available. Unlike most blasters with a screw on reservoir this one doesn't leak which is great. It has 2 preassure chambers both larger then the XP-110's and 310's. The weapon has a tracked oumo thus making it harder to snap off like the problem plauged by such blasters as the CPS-1700. The only problem I encountered with a Model3 since I had it is that the pump became very hard to pump. It was evident that after all that wear and tear on the plastic from pumping it was begining to save off casuing friction so with sand paper I sanded the pump track and the part of the pump that that touches the track, now it works as good as new. Generally this blaster serves as a good Main Weapon for people who don't like lugging around a CPS or people who want big back up blasters.

    Fighting with the XP-150
    Keep away from the 1700 and up or shoot a poor trained user while he/she is pumping. Be sure to carry refill bottles this weapon drains fast. A neat trick is before you fill up the blaster is to air pump it then pump in water. Doing that gives you more range and power to your shot on the downside it reduces shot time.

    Fighting against the XP-150
    Any weapon larger then the CPS-1000 just charge em. If you have a XP Class weapon you better sneak up or run this isn't a blaster to mess with in the hands of an expert.

    Pros:Good power, not alot of pumps, good range, and doesn't leak
    Cons:Not in production anymore :(

    Image property of AquaZone