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The SC-400 model 1The SC-400 model 2

Super Charger 400 (1999 and 2000 edition)

The SC-400 was released in 1999,2000 and in 2001 it was in the catalog. The 1999 had a grey body with a blueish-green reservoir. The 2000/2001 model features a yellow body and blue reservoir. They both use pressurized resevoir technology and take alot of pumps to preassurise. Basically if you don't have alot of money and want a SC the SC-400 is for you. The Construction of the gun like many guns like it flaws at the reservoir connection, screw to hard it will snap at that area.Overall the SC-400 makes a excellent super chargeable back up though.
Pros:Light,nice sized nozzle,Super Chargeable
Cons:Needs alot of pumps,and the 2000/2001 models need camoflauge

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