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XP-75 The XP-75 is a weapon that performs below satisfactory if you ask me. It does have a nice sized nozzle though also this weapon uses the riot-blast which is my faviorate feature about this gun. While a nice weapon to have it is useless in the modern battle field only use this in case of emergency also it has the highly annoying screw on reservoir
Pros: Has riot blast cheap $9.99

Cons: Leaks,Tank goes flying "Flying Tank Syndrome"

There are 2 kinds of the XP-150 the origanal one with a grey body and the new one with a green and purple body.The XP-150 is one of my faviorate XP it does have the screw on reservoir though,I think this gun can take on a CPS-1000 and a Monster user if he is sitting around pumping also you can watch the water be pumpd into the gun and fired thanks to see through technology! Also thank God you can see how much water is in your firing chamber without having to squint or shake the gun thanks to its orange firing chamber. Overall an excellent gun to have in ones Armory

Pros: Average range,big pressure chambers,affordable,riot blast,and good pump

Cons: Bad camoflauge nothing that some paint wont cure though,and the horrible screw on reservoir

Range: average

Once a big gun now probaly decent as back up multiple nozzles

A old gun with new pacaging,basically a SS-300 with a new sticker

The replacemt for the SS-30 a nice hangun to have

Still found in many places i will try to pick this guy up by the end of the season

The XP-95 is a nice weapon to have but don't bother looking for it i have not seen one in 4 years!It has a nice sized nozzle and I would recomend it as an excellent back-up.has one pressure tank of a nice size and a good sized screw-on reservoir Also has an excellent riot blast.

Once the pride of my Armory the XP-65 was a O.K. gun but with the introduction of the CPS to my block it becme good as a back up weapon

Just another novelty

A step below the 110 with screw on reservoir have not seen one of theese in years

The only old gun of mine still effective,Reloads are slow not a good first attack weapon. Once it is fully presurized it is the gift that keeps giving and giving with duel nozzles can take on all XP's just stay away from CPS-1700 and up
Pros: Light,great shot time,and good power,cheap $14.95 on average

Cons: Slow reload times,lots of pumps.

A good weapon multiple nozzles and good coverage.

You never see this gun in a store i guess its just to darn small

The XP-20 is an excellent sneak attack weapon but low water capacity

Being smaller then the XP-40 it is the best in my opinion sneak attack weapon around just be careful not to be trigger happy :) My 240 was on its first tank while the 40 was on it's second!.

A commen super soaker still found in many stores It is very commen to it's newer brother the XP-270 i am a little dissapointed though low shot times and might need a little more ammo even though the 270 fixed that problem
PROS:Light good back-up,and has medium range
CONS: Uses firing chamber fast bright colors and needs more water ammo

The XP-90 is a novelty item released by Larami in 1999 while it lacks the power to stand up to anything above an XP-110 it is an O.K. blaster while it is a good idea on something that uses water fast such as a CPS it is not a good thing on a XP the pulsing is optional you can rotate the nozzle to switch it to a standard strem the pulse does conserve water though

The perfect gun for sneak attacks and stuff like that. Just an akward trigger

XP-240 The standard back up for my army great perfomence in a small package.

Just a bigger and somewhat better blaster overall same performance such as low shotimes, but a bigger reservoir

Everytime i bought one it was broken but i want to get one in 2001

XP-75 one word pathetic
XP-40 small and simple
XZP-175 double barreled 65
XP-95 an excellent weapon
 XP-150 My faviorate XP
XP-110 A sturdy and trustwothy gun
an excellent hheavy rifle XXP-275
XP-65 an excellent back-up
XP-90  dumb dumb need i say more?
The XP-310 It always breaks!
From top XP-75,XP-40,XXP-175,XP-95,XP-150,XP-55,XP-105,XP-110,and XXP-275,XP-65,XP-90 Pulse Fire,XP-310

Images from,Aqua Nexus,and Isoaker