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In any soaker squadron of over 4 people a ranking system is necessary for optimal performance I will now discuss the usual ranking system.
Commander-the commander well commands he should know the terrain be experienced and have good leading skills should be fast thinking and reliable. EQUIPMENT-Personal Radio (walkie talkie). 2 RE-Fill bottles of your size depending on strength. SUGGESTED WEAPONRY-CPS-1500/1700.

Watch Tower-The person who is assigned a Tower Man must spend most of the time in a tree NOTE: the watch tower is recommended for night fights only! While in the tree with an ample amount of re-fills he/she will turn on a Flash Light and search the surrounding ground for an enemy troop and then shoots with extreme prejudice usually the light is enough to keep anyone away. SUGGESTED WEAPON: CPS-1200

Infantry-The infantry man is the standard soldier in the water gun fight they should be armed with a cheap but reliable weapon but them having a light CPS is fine preferably they should have a XXP-175 or CPS-1000/1200 and re-fill bottles remember they are expendable don't be afraid to send then into the fray

Heavy Weapons Officer. -The HWO is a tough job but someone’s got to do it anyone can pull the trigger on a Monster XL or CPS-3200 but few can use it properly. Like with the CPS-3200 stealth is not necessary and nearly impossible with all that noise of water juggling around in the backpack, The HWO should be fairly strong and be faithful to the fight because often un-faithful ones will get tired of lugging around a giant weapon. SUGGESTED WEAPONRY: Duh a big gun Monster CPS-2000/2500,CPS-3000/3200 Monster X/Monster XL etc etc...NOTE: HWO’s often work will with an escort (described later)

ESCORT-The escort should usually accompany a tanker or Heavy Weapons Officer or an important soldior. The escort should be armed with a average sized rifle like a XP-110/310 and be fast and not hampered down with re-fills SUGGESTED WEAPONRY: XP-110/310.

Tanker-The Tanker is your mobile fuel source and should have a back-pack full of re-fill bottles preferably seltzer ones. He should be lightly armed with probably a XP-40 is best the 240 is not recommended because of its new grip it usually requires 2 hands to fire straight he/she should have an escort at all times.

Recon Officer The Recon officer should be fairly small well camouflaged and speedy they should go close to the enemy base to see what the weapons are, possible entry points etc etc... SUGGESTED WEAPONRY: SC-500 or XP-70/270 EQUIPMENT: Personal Radio (walkie Talkie)

Off Battle Field Strategist: The OFS (Off Field Strategist) is an excellent soldier to have in a urban/suburban battle they should be in a house with a computer connected to the internet and Microsoft Streets and Trips they have a walkie talkie and relay information to the front line about weapons, positions etc etc. They use the internet to look up strategies and weapon reviews and Streets and Trips to relay enemy held areas to keep away from and re-direct the group with a safer route and possible "Neutral Streets" to take to get to the enemies base with more stealth suggested weaponry: a brain why would you need a weapon in a house but if you have a laptop and are out side I guess your fair game then have a XP-20 Also have a Walkie Talkie or the OFS

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