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The MonsterX released in 2000 was known as the Monster

The Monster X


The Monster X is one of the most intimidating weapons on the market. It has 6 nozzles each of them being at least somewhat useful. The 5x is the standard water conservation nozzle. 8.5x is perhaps the most useful toughly soaking your oppenent.11.5x is a good nozzle but wastes the relatively small firing chamber fast, The riot blast nozzle is my favorite shooting more powerfully then a 5x but not consuming as much as it. The showerhead is my favorite up close and personal nozzle and the multiple one is useful for err... a little for getting multiple people. Even though it lacks the 20x nozzle it is still an excellent gun even though turning nozzles in the dark is a monumental task and the firing chamber is rather small but the gun does not seem to weigh alot. The MX's construction is very sturdy. MX is the same price as a CPS-3200 but take the 3200 instead it is better. Overall the Monster X makes an excellent gun for a heavy weapons officer
Pros:Lots of nozzles, Quick fillable weight balenced good awesome intemadation factor
Cons: Big and bulky, hard to hide with, Can only use special Super Charger piece although normal SC's can fill up with them.It is usually $39.99 USA

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