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While I would like to wright a larger review on this super soaker I feel its not possible because I find it so ordinary and plain. The CPS-2100 is a highly anticipated blaster. Your good all web master went down to Wal*Mart and bought it. The CPS-2100 represents the standard of the 2002 line. It has a 5x nozzle and fires a decent stream and distance. Comparable to the CPS-1200 but not to the CPS-1000 which reigns supreme. still since 1998. The 2100 doesn't have a strap something I despise. Its water capacity is also sub par, 68oz. Though this makes the blaster lighter it still could use a strap. As for looks, it looks ok nothing to brag about. It does have a tracked pump though. It glides very smoothly and is this blasters prime point. The pump seems to charge the soaker fairly quickly too. The construction is fairly good I cant find any main weak points. Its fairly comfortable also. The 2100 can hold its own against its own kind but most high class blasters can do a number on this guy. While certinately not a marvel its a good gun. Nothing to wright home about but enough to buy.

MAX-D 2000

The Max-D 2000 is a very promising new super soaker. While being only the relative size of a XP-220 It can handle probably an XP-70. You have to pump alot to keep the 2000 ready. Afterall it is preassurized reservoir technology. Its capactity is pretty good though. As for range which is this blasters main feature it goes far. Further then the XP-220. The Max-D 2000 is likely to become a hit with kids. But with teens and adults there are a few potential problems. The handle is very small and not all my fingers fit. The refill cap is also very small, not a big thing but fairly annoying. If your a sneak attack person this thing needs a silencer. All Max-D's ive come into contact with have a very loud triger including the Max-D 2000. Its also yellow which isn't to great if its dark outside. Overall a great small super soaker, but it can be somewhat annoying. It's worth it though.

Max-D 5000

The Max-D 5000 is an enigma. Most Super Soakers can be traced to a point of origin. Like for example SS-100, XP-150, XP-105, XP-110, XP-310, Max-D 6000. Some people may think the Max-D 5000 is a 70/270 spin-off but in reality it lacks that weapons main feature, the pressure chamber. So to me the Max-D 5000 fell out of the sky.

The Max-D 5000 is a super soaker meant to replace the able XP-270. It would do that and even surpass the 270 if it wasnít crippled by its lack of a separate compression chamber. (Computer people think of the 270 as an Athlon and the 5000 as a Duron). However it does seem to have a range about 1 foot further then the 270. It also feels more sturdy then the 270. But thatís about the only thing to praise about this super soaker. The initial blast is somewhat misty on my model. The re-fill cap is located on the slant so filling the weapon all the way is a lot harder. The 5000ís blast leaves a lot to be desired. It falls short of my initial expectations. The pressure in the reservoir drops fast and it takes a massive amount of pumps to fully charge this thing. Its coloring makes it look like a weapon you would see Marvin the Martian using against Daffy Duck in Looney Toons. The bottom line is this. If you see a Max-D 5000 and a XP-270 in the same place then get the 270. Except for the range difference of about a foot it doesnít out-perform the XP-270. This could have been a great super soaker if it was given a REAL pressure chamber not a fake plastic bubble.

Pros: Range, refill cap for easy fills
Cons: Color, short shot time, noisy trigger.
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